We are SPEECHLESS. The film is absolutely beautiful, it BEYOND exceeded our expectations! Oh my gosh. So many tears, getting to relive those moments. I cannot put a price tag on what you just made for us! You both are incredibly talented, and we are so grateful that you captured our wedding for us. We can't wait to share it! All of the shots were incredible, and we loved how it was put to music (and the music itself-- fantastic!) This will be one of my most cherished takeaways from the wedding.

Cakewalk Films did the most amazing job capturing everything we had hoped (AND MORE) and really bringing our personalities to life. We both knew it was going to be exciting to see our video… But we had no idea it would be so magical. Not one person that we showed did not say they cried… I get teary eyed and goosebumps every single time I watch… STILL.. (And I’ve watched it every day since the first day..!) If this is something you’re considering to cut for budget…. DEFINITELY reconsider. Cakewalk puts their full time and attention into their work. They 100% have my full and complete recommendation!!!!! We are so very pleased!

Cakewalk Films put together an amazing highlight of the wedding. Perfect music, audio, and everyone who has seen it thought it was amazing! Videography is totally worth it, and will give you memories for a lifetime!

Thanks so much, Cakewalk Films! We are so happy with the finished product and customer service you provided up to and on the wedding day. We have gotten rave reviews over the highlight video from family & friends. It has been a huge hit!! My parents were very skeptical about hiring a videographer beforehand and are now regretful that they didn’t hire you to film my brother’s wedding.