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 Welcome to the Wedding Theater! We offer a variety of wedding day edits from short sneak peek trailers to longer full length videos.

In the Wedding Theater you can view descriptions and samples of the various edits we offer. Use this video guide in conjunction with our Wedding Investment Guide to have a thorough understanding of the services we offer. Need a customized package? Let us know!

Sneak Peek Film Sample

A sneak peek film is a short trailer of the wedding that is ready just a few days after you say “I do.” It is 1 minute (perfect length for Instagram!) and is great for sharing on social media when family and friends are still buzzing about your amazing wedding! Be sure to post with your wedding #hashtag !

Video Length: 1 minute

Availability: Included in all standard packages

Documentary Film Sample

A Documentary Film is a traditional wedding day video told in chronological order without a background song. The documentary film is great for seeing an extended look of the wedding day from start to finish.

Video Length: 30 minutes or 1 hour

Availability: Available as an Add-on

Love Story Film SAMPLE

A Love Story film is the video equivalent of engagement pictures. We interview the couple about how they met and fell in love, their favorite qualities about one another and what their hopes are for the future. This can be shot in a location of their choice or a location that has sentimental value to them. It is great for debuting at the Rehearsal Dinner, using as a Save the Date, displaying on a projector at the wedding before the Grand Entrance, or using on the main page of your wedding website.

Video Length: 4-10 minutes long

Availability: Available as an add-on

Highlight Film Sample

A Highlight Film is what you see on our website. It is a modern wedding day film presented in a cinematic fashion. The film includes beautiful voiceovers and stunning imagery of the day. 1-2 songs will be played over the entire film.

Video Length: between 4-12 minutes

Availability: Included in all standard packages

Rehearsal Dinner Film SAMPLE

The Rehearsal Dinner Film documents the entire rehearsal dinner evening. The full length speeches and up to 4 hours of filming coverage are included. Footage from the Rehearsal Dinner will also be in the Highlight Film.

Video Length: Typically around 1 hour

Availability: Available as an Add-on

Full Ceremony Film SAMPLE

The Full Ceremony Film is the complete extended footage of your wedding ceremony.

Video Length: Varies depending on the length of your ceremony, typically anywhere from 30 minutes-1 hour

Availability: Available as an add-on